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Professional Grade True microcurrent device that’s portable and affordable. True micro current cannot be  felt, It does not twitch or contract muscles. It is a tiny current that works on the cellular level and builds the energy of the skin cells which deplete as we age. Myolift micro current re-educates the facial muscles and works on fine lines to reduce them. Botox freezes the muscles while Myolift stimulates and activates them, naturally smoothing and softening expression lines and wrinkles. Specifically designed for active women looking to keep their skin healthy and youthful, Myolift therapy brings the spa facial to your home. Myolift helps stimulate and rejuvenate the skin for a new, youthful appearance, providing long lasting, professional spa like results. Myolift therapy provides the benefit of a non-surgical face.


30 days Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our product and we are so confident you will see real results that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Easy Proven Protocols

More than 100,000 professional spa treatments have been done using Myolift but it is so quick, easy to use and effective you can get the same results using your Myolift at home.

Innovative design

Quick, easy to use and effective. The applicator has 2 tips to cover more area at the same time decreasing treatment time and providing faster and more lasting results.
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